SFB 1369 Cultures of vigilance

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Project Area A "Transformations"

A02 Struwe-Rohr/Waltenberger: Diabolical Vigilance: Internalised Vigilance and Social Control in Tales About the Devil from the Late Medieval and Early Modern Periods 
A03 Benesch: Vigilance and Self-Empowerment in the American Enlightenment
A04 Balme/Leonhardt: Controlling Theatre: Theatre, Politics and the Public Sphere after 1918
A05 Harju: Privacy, Self-Observation, and Social Monitoring in U.S. Culture, 1945 to the Present
A06 Kölbel: Evaluation Ambivalence within Whistleblowing Discourse

Project Area B "Spaces"

B01 Radner: "If you hear any improper, unsuitable or unseemly word concerning the exercise of kingship": Public Responses to the Royal Call for Vigilance in the Assyrian Empire 
B02 Lepsius: Denunciation and Reprimands – Awareness as a Resource for Implementing Laws
B03 Brendecke: The Use of Senses. Vigilance in Early Modern Cities
B04 Hengerer: Black Death Defense Strategies along the French Coast (1680-1760)
B05 Neumann: The Double Bond of Lovers: Social and Spiritual Regimes of Dervishes in Istanbul during the Long Nineteenth Century
B06 Dürr: The Vigilance of Those Mistaken for Migrants in the U.S.-Mexican Border Area
B07 Götz: The Subsequent Immigration of Spouses from Third World Countries Subject to Visa Requirements to the European Union. Analysing Closely Monitored Spaces by Means of Russian Marriage Migration to Germany

Project Area C "Practices"

C01 Kellner/Reichlin: Vigilance and Attentiveness. The Literary Dynamics of Self-Observation and the Observation of Others in German Poetry in the Middle Ages
C02 Gadebusch Bondio: Vigilance as an Ideal, a Strategy and a Method in Medical Culture in the Early Modern Period
C03 Mehltretter: At a Crossroads between Different Forms of Observance: Between Counter-Reformation and the Regulation of Poetry in Italian Literature at the Beginning of the 17th Century
C04 Döring: Staging Mirrors: Specular Politics in Early Modern English Theatre
C06 Herzberg: Vigilance and Abstention. Conflicts Surrounding Fasting in Early Modern Russia and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
C07 Schulze Wessel: Guardians of Socialist Morals: Prostitution and Vigilance Practices in Czechoslovakia (1945/48 – 1989)